Various Sears Freezer Models

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When it comes to choosing the right Sears fridge, there are many options to consider. Here is an overview of the different types of refrigerators and the benefits of each.

Top Freezer


  • This type of freezer tends to be narrower than side-by-sides of comparable cubic foot capacity (29″-33″), but have a wider door-swing;
  • Offers a tremendous amount of storage versatility;
  • Wide items, such as pizza boxes, deli trays, and roasting pans, tend to fit more easily in such a model;
  • Typically, top freezer models cost less than side-by-sides and are more energy efficient.

Bottom Freezer


  • The pull-out and glide-out features make it easier for you to see, reach and organised foods stored in the freezer;
  • Fresh foods are stored at a more convenient light, making them easier to see and reach.

French Door Freezer


  • The unique armoire doors in this bottom freezer model eliminate the centre bar found on other side-by-side models;
  • The French Door freezer capacity than any other bottom-freezer model;
  • This refrigerator is great for customers with a smaller kitchen or an island since the door opening is much smaller.



  • This type of fridge is wider than other models of refrigerators;
  • Full height freezer next to a full height refrigerator;
  • Ice and water dispensers are available on most side-by-side models together with water filtration;
  • Fresh and frozen foods are stored at a convenient height, making them easy to see and reach;
  • They come in larger maximum storage capacities;
  • Tends to have a wider range of features to enhance performance and convenience.

As you can see, there is a refrigerator for any kitchen. Choose the one that is most suitable for your needs and your kitchen. Online or at the local Sears stores, you can find the widest selection of models to choose from.

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